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BLOOM is a global lifestyle brand that first started in 2008 as New York City party in 2008. BLOOM has since evolved as a brand that serves the diverse needs of people who we have come to call. BLOOMERS. It is a celebration on well-being, fun & adventure, creativity, inclusiveness and community. It is for everyone regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Everything we do is designed with one thing in mind: to celebrate the diverse, spiritually awake, inclusive, creatively expressive and communally engaged members of the human race.


Since 2008, our Event & Travel brand components have curated the most impressive anticipated parties, art & performance events and travel experiences in New York City and the Caribbean, Jamaica in particular. But BLOOM is more than a party! It is the ever-evolving global movement, aimed at connecting and awakening the heart, mind and spirit of all mankind. It is a Tribe of Love & Celebration.


BLOOMERS are people who are communally engaged, fun loving & courageous, passionate about delivering all their gifts to the planet. They are sexually open-minded, they are curious about the world and though they are celebrants of diversity, they value the individual voice and self-expression.They are as much corporate executives and not-for-profit leaders as they are artists and entrepreneurs, they are men as well as women, they are straight and gay, they are transgendered and bi-sexual, they are of every race. BLOOM is in the business of celebrating their shared identity and allowing them to evangelize and grow themselves as individuals, communities, families and organizations. Inspiring their activism is at the core of BLOOM’s marketing and product making. So, We market events, media and spaces that inform, inspire and celebrate them at their best.